Back in the Bay

I wrote a children’s book a few years ago.

When my parents founded Starfish Ministries, they took the name from the Starfish Story, a story about a boy who finds thousands of starfish stranded on a beach after a particularly high tide. Although he can’t save all of them — not even close — he does what he is able to save the ones he can.

I expanded on the story and put it into verse. Here’s a sample:

There was one purple starfish much smaller than most,
as starfish named Simon stuck there on the coast.
He wondered what happened or what he’d done wrong,
till a hermit crab happened to bobble along.
“Oh sir,” shouted Simon, “a word if I may,
do you think you could help me get back in the bay?”
But the hermit crab grunted and bobbled away.

It’s available from Back in the Bay or from Back in the Bay.

by Philip Bovenkamp


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